Terms & Conditions



1  All orders are accepted under the following terms and conditions which constitutes a legally binding contract. Customers are advised to read this carefully before signing. Orders can only be accepted if fully completed including all ticked boxes.


2. We will use all efforts to try to keep to the estimated delivery dates given when ordering. In extreme circumstances these may be subjected to shortages of labour or materials, breakdowns of machinery and transport and other factors beyond our control, we reserve the right for a reasonable extension of time for delivery in such cases. Notification to a change of delivery date will be made as soon as possible.


3.  Delivery is arranged at the convenience of the company in agreement with the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that arrangements for receipt of the building . In the  event of the customer failing to keep to arrangements which makes delivery impossible, we reserve the right to charge a call out fee of £75 or 15% of the overall order total, which ever is the greatest. At least 72 hours notice for postponements is required or the call out fee will still apply.


4.  Upon delivery, if any parts are lost or damaged we will either repair damaged parts at our discretion or replace damaged parts with new ones free of charge. This is providing notification of such shortage or damage is made upon delivery, or in writing within 48hrs of delivery. Your statutory rights are unaffected.


5.  Erection of your building can only take place if the provided base is 100% level and of solid construction eg concrete, paving or decking etc.  There should also be space to get around the building during installation .  In the event of the base not being suitable, our erectors will stack the building on your property. If a return visit is required to install the building at a later date there will be a charge of £75


6.  Specification of the buildings are correct at the time of publication, but are subject to alteration or withdrawal at any time without notice. We reserve the right to amend, alter or change at our discretion when such changes may be deemed necessary.


7.  The purchaser will provide fair and reasonable access to the site. Under no circumstances will components be carried over garage roofs, fences, hedges, etc. Please consider the dimensions of the building when ordering, most buildings will not fit through a standard house door. 


8. All Timber sizes are nominal Timber is a natural product, subject to changes caused by environmental conditions, to minimise contraction and expansion it is essential to maintain your building. Some movement may happen after delivery and this is beyond our control. To prevent this we recommend that you treat your building after construction with a good quality wood preservative and every year thereafter.


9.  In exposed areas it may be necessary to secure the building to the base to prevent wind damage or movement. This work is not carried out by our installation team and is the responsibility of the customer once installation has been completed.